A little Pop of Red!

  Just thought I’d have a little fun with looking at color and start off  with Red – the color of love, passion, and in the Chineses culture – happiness.

  Red – the color of love, passion, and in the Chineses culture – happiness.

I’ve always gone with the rule of everything needs a little pop of red somewhere!

 I was inspired by this photo that I found on my favorite music blog….;). and this started the blog rolling!Bonaroo http://trackunknown.com/



 then I found a two others – Thanks to Shannon for sharing! 

red swirls

Milk Music Photo by Shannon Murphy Track:UnknownBlog

Yeah Yeah Yeah Photo courtesy of Track:UnknownBlog

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Photo courtesy of Track:UnknownBlog



Then I searched through my own photos and here’s what I collected:

P1000881IMG_2582IMG_3207IMG_1819                                          IMG_3866one tomato two

artist : Mann Ray 1941

artist : Mann Ray 1941

Go Look for your Pop of Red!!!!

IMG_2186                                                                                                  IMG_0709IMG_4047


Spring was in the air…

Just sharing a beautiful day that inspired some photos

that will hopefully find their way in to art work this year.

weaping willows

A stroll through Washington DC,  NW …


saturday March 15, before March roared once more and covered us with snow.






from Adams Morgan to Georgetown…

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

…what a day and what a great way to get a feel for the city.


beautiful tree and house …


crazy long vine!


cool cat in the window enjoying the sun…


fine detail…


and classic good looks!




Kate & Collin – Two Cute Cats!


I was visiting some friends this past January and was taken in by their two feline family members. I am known for saying “I am not a cat person” but these two characters drew me in.

Coincidentally, The Mix It Monthly art challenge I like to follow posted a “We Love Our Pets Theme”. Kate and Collin seemed to fit in nicely as they had posed for me throughout my visit and I had captured their love/hate relationship!

So here they are trying to share a windowsill ….IMG_3460

Bird Watching

For lesson 2 of Alena Hennessay’s class “A Year of Painting” we painted and played with ink and acylics and then went in with pen and ink for line work.

First we played with inks on a water saturated surface – let it dry – then added the acrylicsto play transparent against opaque.

After I let that all dry I discovered a birds eye and then he showed me his feathers and voila…



I used a portion of Maya Angelo’s poem Caged Bird to add the verse to the piece.

This creature did name the sky his own.


Musically Inspired

IMG_3407This is a piece I did for Mix it Monthly Challenge – “Odd Hats” - it is quite a coincidence that the Grammy’s were on last night! Actually I have a different muse or inspiration that many know of …this is not her  but she definitely wears this hat!

Let the music play!